George Tokas Digital Systems.
Design by: G. Tokas
Copyright © 2007 - 2009 by G. Tokas   •   All Rights reserved   •   E-Mail:
Click on  "Connect And Start".
Wait for the button to dissapear.
Click on  "Controls".
The following form will show:
You have to INPUT a code with NORE THAN 4 characters in the edit box.
Forgive the Greek letters for the time. It will change in time to support more than one language.
It will be needed to view statistics and change it if needed.
"Keyboard" choice, checked by default means:
  1. When the F5 Button is pressed adds 10 Euro to Credit.
  2. When the F6 Button is pressed performing Pay Out.
"Game Port" choice enables 15pin game port. The port has 4 inputs and those are the following:
  1. Credit In with 5Euro step to be used with NV10 (Innovative Technology) or Trilogy Bank Note Readers.
  2. Pay Out.
  3. Statistics Page.
  4. Boss Key or else panic key.
Apply choices by click on "Set" and the following form apears:
Settings are finished and buttons "OK" and "Cancel" are shown.
Clicking on "OK" the main form is shown and you will see it later.
Clicking on "Cancel" form closes.
In this form we can change the master code if needed.
Trial period is started from the next day and you have 15 days to evaluate the application.
When trial period expires the following form will be shown:
  From now on it is needed to buy a license.
  By clicking on "BUY" the default Browser will transfer you to paypal.
  If you decided to by FIRST read IMPORTANT RULES.

  Form on the left shows the registered status.

  1. If "Keyboard" choice is selected then by pressing F5 we add 10Euros. Pressing F6 performing Pay Out.
  2. When BET = 0 pressing F1 changes BetCost.
  3. Left Arrow displays Information.
  4. Up Arrow or Numeric (+) increment on BET.
  5. Down Arroe or Enter = Spin the reels.
  6. For the settings form hold down Control, Alt and Shift and press F9.
  7. For the book keeping page to be shown hold down Control, Alt & Shift and  press F10. The password form will be shown in the center of the display.
  In the last 2 cases IT IS IMPORTANT that CREDIT & ΒΕΤ values have to be  0(ZERO).
  In case of appearing by mistake, just press ESCAPE.
  Insert the password and press ENTER.
  You will see a form like the following sample.

  Temporary IN and
  Temporary Out
are temporary metters and you can reset them by pressing F12.

  Pressing ESCAPE return to the main application.


  First form appears BEFORE settings form is the Password form.
   If it is the FIRST TIME we are entering Settings and WE DIDN'T assigned a password, just press ENTER.
   IN ANY OTHER CASE insert the Password.
In case we want a password asked to play the games in this form we are setting one MORE THAN 4 charackters long and click  "Set This Password".
If a code exists and we want not to use a password then click on "Don't Use Password".
This Password is DIFFERENT from the master one asked in the beggining. To change or reset this Password there is no need to remember it.