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"Install_5_Butterfly.exe" installed the following files on your PC:
Inside WINDOWS directory and folder "System32\Drivers" installed the file IOPORT.SYS needed to access the GamePort.

Inside WINDOWS directory and folder "System32" installed:
  1. cc3260.dll
  2. cc3260mt.dll
  3. stlpmt45.dll
The above files needed for the application to operate along with:
d3dx9_31.dll needed for DirectX9.
Installed also Config5R.exe needed for the settings pages. .

Inside the installation folder ( Default "C:\GTDS\" ) installed the following files:
1.  "Reel5.exe" application file for 5Butterfly.
2.  "SupB5.dll" file needed for 5Butterfly.
3.  "Vegas.exe" application file for VegasCasino.
4.  "SupV5.dll" file needed for VegasCasino.